Aaron Siegel, Home Team BBQ, joins local CEO Advisory Board

Aaron Siegel, CEO, Home Team BBQ joins local CEO Advisory Board

Aaron Siegel recently joined local Vistage CEO Advisory board in Charleston. Members of the board are CEOs, Presidents and owners who meet monthly as a confidential sounding board, tackling the most impactful decisions facing their businesses. The advisory board helps members deliver better results and become better leaders by refining instincts, improving judgment, expanding perspectives and optimizing decision making. Companies range from a few million to $650M in revenues, 10 to hundreds of employees, and industries from manufacturing, consumer brands, real-estate development, social media, trucking, and textiles to restaurants and home building.

Aaron Siegel is the Founder and CEO of Home Team BBQ, headquartered in Charleston, SC (http://www.hometeambbq.com). "I joined the advisory board to share my experiences and learn from the experiences and perspectives of other CEOs", states Aaron. "The amount of feedback I've received and the changes in my thinking, have far exceeded my expectations."

The CEO Board Chair, Kirk McMillan, remarked "Aaron exhibits the leadership qualities we seek when in adding members to our advisory board: life long learner, vulnerability, business acumen, emotional intelligence." "Due to our comprehensive approach and the high growth nature of the Charleston community, demand from business leaders is very high and we only have a few open seats."

The CEO Board is affiliated with CEO groups around the world through Vistage Worldwide with over 21,000 across 20 countries. Dunn & Bradstreet analysis reveals that companies led by CEOs in Vistage Boards grow 3 times faster than their peers.