Charleston Water System’s 2018 Budget Approved

Customers in city of Charleston to see $0.09 per day total increase for water and sewer service.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – Charleston Water System’s (CWS) Board of Commissioners approved the utility’s 2018 fiscal year budget at its regular meeting November 30. The budget includes a rate increase that will vary between three and three and a half percent for combined water and sewer customers, depending on water use. For average-use customers in the city of Charleston, this equates to a $0.09 per day total increase for water and sewer service. The budget of $140,919,600 is effective January 1, 2018 through the end of the year.

“Controlling costs is our top priority and our Board is careful only to raise rates when absolutely necessary,” said Kin Hill, CEO at CWS. “Our efficiencies and strong fiscal management allowed us to avoid a large rate increase. Infrastructure maintenance and new construction to accommodate growth in the greater Charleston area demands a small amount of additional funding at this time.”

About Charleston Water System
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