Dog Training Saves Marriage

Charleston, SC (September 13, 2017) - Lowcountry couples have a new option when it comes to saving their marriages -- hire a dog trainer! Heather Szasz, owner of Happy Owner Happy Dog identifies relationship issues that the dog is mirroring during training and helps them resolve their issues.

“It’s fascinating really,” said Szasz. “Most dog trainers go in and focus on what the dog is doing. I can go in and see the whole relationship dynamic in the family and can help them get to the real root of the problem. In so many cases, the dog is simply a mirror.”

Szasz, a life coach by trade but dog trainer by choice, has had several success stories. She went to a couple who had a miniature poodle with behavior issues. The husband was about to give the dog away. Heather was their last resort to turn this dog around.

After being there for an hour, Szasz turned to the woman and said, “You are using this dog to keep away from your husband.” The husband looked at Szasz and said, “You took the words right out of my mouth.” They were so grateful for not just a dog training session, but more of a therapy session that gave them clarity on their personal relationship.

Szasz may be the first to bring this dog mirroring energy therapy to the Charleston area, but the idea that a dog’s behavior is directly tied to their owner’s emotional state is being recognized globally. Researchers in Austria put more than 100 dogs and owners through a battery of tests. Evidence showed that the dogs do indeed pick up emotional information from the owners and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Szasz brings the traditional dog obedience training, behavior modification training as well as her energy mirroring skills to each session. For more information, contact her at or phone 407-922-0285.