Dr. Glenda Levine Appointed as Chief Diversity Officer of Berkeley County School District

At the November 14, 2017 Berkeley County School District Board of Education meeting, Dr. Glenda Levine was appointed to the position of chief diversity officer. Although the chief diversity office position is new to the district, Dr. Levine is certainly not a new face to the district. She has worked in the District for over twenty years in various capacities – teacher, teacher evaluator, assistant principal, principal, director of secondary schools and most recently as the chief human resource officer. When asked about her new role, Dr. Levine indicated that she is excited about the potential the office of diversity has for doing great things in the school district. She indicated that diversity is a critical component when looking at staffing needs and student needs across the district.

Comments made by Dr. Levine during interview:
It is important for all voices to be heard across the school district and for stakeholders to see that intentional efforts are being made to address challenges and opportunities for growth related to diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. One of my first discussions with Dr. Ingram when he became superintendent in August 2017 was about the need for greater diversity in staffing across departments and schools in the district. He realized very quickly that our staff and student populations do not mirror each other. When he asked me about taking on the challenge of a new role as the district’s first chief diversity officer, I saw the role as an opportunity to address with greater intentionality opportunities related to diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. I believe having greater diversity across the district will add to the district’s strengths.

Dr. Levine has been working as the chief diversity officer for just over two months now and she will be working with stakeholder groups to gather feedback about what they view as the diversity needs of the school district. Dr. Levine is clearly passionate about the work that will be accomplished in her new role, passion that she has demonstrated in over two decades of service to the families and students of Berkeley County School District.