FREE Communication Skills Training courses offered in Charleston

Called ‘life-changing’ by graduate after graduate, this FREE three-day communication skills course, through Our Community Listens, will enrich your business & home relationships by making you more aware of your own communication profile as well as the core behavioral tendencies of others.

Through a unique combination of classroom instruction, experiential activity, and group discussion you will:
• Explore how the Communication Cycle forms the foundation of all interpersonal communication
• Appreciate the impact our non-verbal behavior has on our verbal communication
• Learn how the skill of LISTENING can be the most important thing a person can do for another
• Recognize a more effective way to confront another when needing behavior change to occur.
Our Community LISTENS is funded by Phillips LISTENS, Inc., a 501(c) 3 private operating foundation, that allows us the opportunity to share our message with the world.

Lunch & all course materials is provided for you daily, free of charge & we end the course with a celebratory dinner for you & a guest!

Upcoming Charleston area classes are:
July 25-27
August 22-24
September 15-17

For more information & to apply, please visit or email with any questions.