Local Charleston SC Medical Services Company Doing Cool Things

Based out of Mount Pleasant SC, Transplant Coordinators of America (http://www.transplantcoordinatorsofamerica.com/) a large team of dedicated RN's that perform the grueling task of on call organ offer screening for transplant centers around the United States, and one of their clients used Facebook to live stream a transplant. In March UT Southwestern Medical Center with the help of Mt Pleasant's TCOA worked together to get a patient in need of a heart transplant to the OR and a successful surgery. One of, if not the first of its kind you can watch the entire heart transplant process here at UT SouthWestern's page

First-Ever Heart Transplant Filmed in Facebook 360 - UT Southwestern Medical Center

As UT Southwestern continues to celebrate its 75th anniversary, we're incredibly proud to share another first in the medical world: the first-ever heart transplant video presented with a 360-degree view. Filmed recently at William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, the video details the process of a heart transplant and all its intricacies, with narration from our Transplant team, including Drs. Matthias Peltz, Pietro Bajona, and John Murala. Explore the interactive video from every angle and with never-before-seen views inside the operating room.

Posted by UT Southwestern Medical Center on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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