Maybank Hormones and Weight Loss is Changing the Way People Age!

David Seignious, MD and his team

(Charleston, SC) Is the way people age inevitable or can we change it depending on how we treat our bodies? This is a question that has plagued doctors and scientists for decades. Charleston physician David Seignious, MD specializes in geriatric medicine and started Maybank Hormones and Weight loss to try and address the question above. “I believe with a low glycemic diet, high level supplements and bio-identical hormone balancing, we can significantly change the way people age,” says Dr. Seignious.

He’s putting his theory to the test every day and patients are experiencing tremendous results. In addition to feeling more energetic, losing weight and looking years younger, many patients are also able to go off their high blood pressure medication, are no longer considered diabetic and have been able to improve their sleep, memory and brain function. Women, especially, are getting significant relief from menopausal systems.

“If our patients continue to follow our low glycemic diet program, exercise and keep their hormones balanced, they may not experience the age-related diseases their parents and grandparents suffered from,” says Dr. Seignious.

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