Meet Chris Ullman as He Launches His Inspirational New Book, “Find Your Whistle”

Chris Ullman believes in giving simple gifts. In his new, inspirational book, he tells his story and profiles ten people whose "whistles" have touched his heart and made his life better. Hear this incredible story and meet Chris over three delicious courses at High Cotton.

Tickets are only $31 for the experience and luncheon , $51, which includes a signed, hardback book, or Lunch-For-Two which includes one, signed hardback copy of Find Your Whistle. Of course, there is a full-service cash bar for your enjoyment.

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About the book

Find Your Whistle is the heartwarming, hilarious and outrageous journey of a Washington and Wall Street insider who uses his simple gift to touch hearts and change lives. In this sweet and authentic memoir, world whistling champion Chris Ullman - a managing director at one of the world's most powerful private equity firms - tells readers how he found, developed and shared his whistle with big-wig politicians, special needs children, Wall Street billionaires, and more than 400 people on their birthdays every year.

Along the way Chris realized that you don't have to be a hero to make the world a better place. Everyone has a simple gift - a whistle - to share with the world, one person at a time.

It's an unlikely tale of persistence, joy, insecurity, love, adventure and the power of serendipity. From the Oval Office and center court at NBA games to Graceland and the pinnacle of the Washington Monument, Chris takes readers on a journey that entertains as it inspires.

About Chris Ullman 

Chris Ullman is a four-time national and international whistling champion (1994, 1996, 1999, and 2000). He has performed with major symphony orchestras, serenaded President George W. Bush in the Oval Office, whistled the National Anthem at major league sporting events and entertained millions around the world on TV and radio.

In what Chris describes as a "ministry," he whistles Happy Birthday more than 400 times each year to friends and family.

Chris started his puckered pursuits at age five, whistled incessantly while delivering newspapers as a teen, jammed with jazz bands in college, and worked the open mike circuit in his Washington, DC home in the 1980s-90s. He competed nine times at the National and International Whistling Convention and served as a judge twice.

Chris has appeared on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, CNN, NPR, CNBC and has been featured in The New York Times, People Magazine, The Washington Post, and Time Magazine. His repertoire includes classical, blues, jazz, Broadway, and rock. In 2000, Chris was named the Lillian Williams Whistling Entertainer of the Year, and in 2003 he released his debut CD, The Symphonic Whistler.

In 2012 Chris was inducted into the International Whistling Hall of Fame. By day Chris is a Director of Global Communications at The Carlyle Group, an investment firm based in Washington, DC.

Doors open at 11:30 AM and lunch is served promptly at noon. Limited seating provides an intimate experience with the author. There is a cash bar for your enjoyment.

High Cotton is located at 199 East Bay Street, where the luncheon and discussion will take place. From conversation and laughter in the bar to the stylish dining rooms of heart pine floors and antique brick, you'll come to understand true Charleston hospitality at High Cotton. That is, there's always cause for celebration - of neighbors, food and drink and each other. Their meats, game, seafood and produce are the finest quality ingredients, expertly crafted into the most delicious Lowcountry dishes.

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