MTEC Partners With The U.S. Army To Aid Service Members Through Repair Of Traumatic Injuries

Charleston, SC -   In partnership with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC), the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) is pleased to announce that Humacyte, Inc. has been awarded funds to develop products that can serve as permanent arterial and/or venous grants for reconstruction and repair of traumatic injuries.  This research project is issued under MTEC's Permanent Vascular Repair Request for Project Proposals.

Entitled "Human Tissue Engineered Blood Vessels for Vascular Reconstruction in the Injured Warfighter," Humactye Inc.'s project will receive funding in the amount of $649,898 from USAMRMC. Funding will support advanced clinical development of the Human Acellular Vessel (HAV), with possible future-year support based on achievement of initial milestones.

Extremity trauma is one of the most common battlefield injuries. Through advances in early field intervention and resuscitation, such injuries have become increasingly survivable.  Despite progress, extremity injuries can be devastating with complex injuries to the vasculature, bone, connective tissues, muscle, and nerves.  Approximately 50% of patients with complex extremity injuries have severely impaired limb function.

The project team funded through this award will focus their activities on developing products near FDA approval, or in development beyond Phase 1 or early feasibility clinical trials.  Prototypes must demonstrate potential to fill an identified capability gap in permanent vascular repair beginning at forward echelons of medical care.

"This project represents an important step forward in our efforts to harness the tremendous potential of regenerative medicine to treat our wounded warfighters," LTC David Saunders, Product Manager, Extremity Repair Tissue Injury and Regenerative Medicine stated. "Humacyte, their collaborators and MTEC have been great partners in advancing this mission."

Lester Martinez, MD, MPH, Major General (Retired), U.S. Army, President and Chairman of MTEC Board concurred. "This research embodies the mission of MTEC, to accelerate solutions that restore health for America's military and veterans.  This technology has the potential to make profound differences in wounded warfighters' lives - to help recover their abilities after severe battlefield injuries.  The MTEC membership is proud to be part of an effort to make them whole again," Martinez shared.

MTEC is a biomedical technology consortium collaborating with multiple government agencies under a 10-year renewable Other Transaction Agreement with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. To find out more about MTEC, visit