Multi-Medication Dependent Patients Live Better, Longer with Livi: Pill Dispenser Can Manage, Dispense Up to 15 Complex Doses Daily; Product Newly Available Direct to Consumers

CHARLESTON, S.C. – People who take multiple medications face special challenges. The risk of missing a dose – or taking too much – is a very real worry. It’s estimated that 35 percent of people taking five or more medications experience adverse drug events, and 30 percent of hospital admissions of older people are drug related.

Livi (, a new cloud-connected pill dispenser, delivers routine and as-needed medications exactly when people need them, according to their physicians’ instructions. By automating complex dosing of various medications, caregivers and drug-dependent individuals can administer precise doses at the right times of day, extending quality of life – and in some cases, lives.

While company executives originally focused on serving caregivers who manage the medical lives of aging individuals, additional markets have opened up:
• Numerous chronic diseases – Type 2 Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure and others – affect vigorous individuals who often find it difficult to remember when it’s time to take their medications.
• Opioid challenged households – those in which a legitimate need by one individual puts another in dangerous proximity to highly addictive medications – have also gravitated to the secure machine as a way to control access.
• Families with loved ones in independent living facilities often pay $300 to $1,000 monthly for a home healthcare worker to visit and administer meds; Livi is a less expensive alternative.

Originally marketed to caregiving facilities, Livi is now available direct to consumers for purchase or monthly rental. The machine is programmable in less than 90 minutes for first-time users, and retails for $1,999 and rents monthly for $99. Programing is easily adjusted as doses or medications change. The Livi unit emits a green light when dosing is due, and can also create pill packs for use while traveling.

Livi provides 24/7 phone support by trained concierges who can walk users through set up and modifications.

Another feature customers applaud is Livi’s connection to caregivers; the dispenser sends a text when a dose is dispensed or, more importantly, if one is late or missed.

Powered by 120v electricity and supported with a 6-8 hour battery backup, the device can dispense up to 15 prescriptions or supplements of varied sizes and doses (currently the average Livi user programs 9 medications).

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