My Puppy Box Increases Christmas Puppies Staying For Life

Charleston ,SC (September 20, 2017) – The statistics are alarming for how many puppies and dogs are given up to shelters across the United States after Christmas. Did you know that 77% of children, between the ages of 5-10, are bitten by a dog they know? Charleston-based My Puppy Box teaches children ages 6-12 how to be responsible and safe pet owners.

Each box is filled with fun, informative books, crayons and activities to teach children how to recognize a dog’s body language, the A-Z of caring for a dog and how to be safe around other dogs.

The need for My Puppy Box is apparent to owner Heather Szasz as she works as a professional dog trainer. As a volunteer in shelters for the last 9 years, I see the unwanted Christmas puppies coming into the shelters, through no fault of their own.

There are two versions available, My Puppy Box and My Puppy Rescue Box. My Puppy Box focuses on the family dog, while My Puppy Rescue Box taches children about dog rescues. A percentage of My Puppy Rescue box is donated to a shelter or dog rescue group. Boxes can be ordered online at

About My Puppy Box
My Puppy Box is the brainchild of professional dog trainer Heather Szasz. Szasz is the owner of Happyownerhappydog where she trains dogs and families on how to get the most enjoyment of their relationship. For more information, please visit