Premiere Travel and Tourism Video Company Forms in Charleston

Adam Boozer

Hed Hi Media and Jewell & Ginnie, two full-service video production companies headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, have banded together in a strategic partnership to form a world-class travel and tourism video business, Stowaway (

The brainchild of Adam Boozer (Jewell & Ginnie) and Tim McManus (Hed Hi Media), Stowaway combines Jewell & Ginnie’s commercial production experience with the nimble production and editing capabilities of Hed Hi Media’s team. From cinematic films to event recaps or social media exports, Stowaway will offer a full range of production services for their clients.

The Stowaway collaboration combines the capabilities and strengths of the two independent companies, allowing the teams to deliver quality destination content in the form of promotional, documentary, editorial and event recap videos. Through authenticity, high-end but cost effective production value and holistic marketing, Stowaway is able to separate itself from its competitors.

“Our entire team is energized to be partnering with [Adam] Boozer on Stowaway,” said McManus. “We have long admired his work and are excited to be combining our skill sets to deliver world-class content to our customers. We are stoked at the prospect of where the Stowaway brand can take our team, as well as our audiences.”

The company is inspired by the word ‘stowaway’ itself - the notion that humans have an innate desire to whisk themselves away on memorable and meaningful adventures. It was through documenting their own excursions that McManus and Boozer realized the opportunity for their viewers to become a stowaway, too.

"I am so excited to collaborate with the HedHi team on this new endeavor,” said Boozer. “I can't wait to see where our combined passions and expertise for creating world-class travel and tourism content will take us. There is such a great blend in our creative and production approaches that will allow us to collaborate with new clients in ways I never thought would be possible.”

The creatives behind Hed Hi Media and Jewell & Ginnie have decades of experience in the travel and tourism industry with several past and current clients currently in the space.

“This crew is smart. And playful. They provide the best prompts in the business and make me sound smart every time they turn their lenses my way,” said John T. Edge, founding director of Southern Foodways Alliance and current client.

A new video series with the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau will be the company’s first joint video project together - directing, filming and editing the piece under the Stowaway brand.

"Stowaway is fully committed to understanding our team's creative vision and marketing strategy,” said Helen Hill, CEO of Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. “They bring our objectives to life through stunning visuals that create the 'sense of place' that defines Charleston as a truly unique destination.”

Stowaway plans to work with destination markets in the United States and beyond. To learn more about Stowaway, visit View example of Stowaway’s capabilities, by viewing its portfolio: