SC Works Trident Updates

SC Works Berkeley:
In the last month SC Works Berkeley staff provided 3,295 different job seeker services, and made 354 job referrals to job seekers. April also saw the registration of 39 new job seekers with the SC Works Online Services System. Our Employment Services team has added 17 new job orders to the SC Works Online Services website which represent 33 new positions. The two companies listing the most openings were Corporate Staffing Services, who has 10 openings for Registered Nurses, and The Pantry who are hiring 5 food prep/restaurant associates. Other open positions listed include crane operators, service technicians, administrative assistants, security officers, CDL Drivers, and HVAC Technicians among others.

SC Works Charleston:
SC Works Charleston continuously strives to meet the needs of both employers and job seekers in the Charleston area. The current unemployment rate for Charleston County has decreased slightly to 5.5% when compared to January 2015, which was 5.6%.

Over the last month, as we continue to improve the employment rate in Charleston County, we have provided 25,396 different job seeker services. April has also seen the successful re-employment of 491 individuals through the SC Works System in Charleston County. Staff from the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Emergency Unemployment Compensation (REA/EUC) assisted 217 claimants through the Eligibility Review Program in order to help them return to the workforce.

SC Works Charleston also provided 3,013 employer services to our business customers, with staff creating 539 new job orders in the SC Works Online Service Website. We continue to work with employers to fill open positions through our hiring events and application screenings. In April, SC Works Charleston hosted five different hiring events in order to assist employers with seeking potential candidates to fill open positions.

Earlier this month Tia Heyward, SCDEW Recruiter, and Wendy Courson, SCDEW Regional Manager, attended Verizon's Partner Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. The purpose of the dinner was to recognize how partners in the community contribute to Verizon's recruitment needs. Over the past year, SCDEW has partnered with Verizon for numerous Job Readiness Workshops and Hiring Events at SC Works Charleston. These efforts led to SCDEW being awarded the "Community Partner of the Year 2015" Award. The SCDEW team, which also includes Diane Potter, Angela Primus, Iona Jenkins, and Julian Villegas, received high praise from Verizon's talent team for greatly aiding in providing for over 330 new hires for Verizon's customer service team. Many thanks to your staff for a job well done!

To help aid in employment opportunities, Job Corps, a partner at the SC Works Charleston Center, is having a Female Recruitment Event on Monday, May 4, 2015 from 10 am - 1 pm. Females between the ages of 16-24yrs of age will be invited to attend if they are interested in free Education and/or Career Training. Additional information is available by contacting Tanea Pinckney at 843-574-1873.

SC Works Dorchester:
SC Works Dorchester staff provided 4,253 different job seeker services, and made 444 job referrals to job seekers during the last month. 56 new job seekers have registered to search for work with the SC Works Online Services System and the Employment Services team has added 20 new job orders to the SC Works Online Services website. These 20 new job orders represent 50 new positions. The two companies with the most openings were Compact Equipment Inc., who has 15 openings for welder/fabricators, and Sportsman Boats who is hiring 5 Assembler/Riggers. Other job openings listed are for a variety of positions such as electricians, landscapers, painters, security officers, financial representatives, and carpenters among others.