SLS Consulting Now Offering Senior HR Placement

SLS has clients in all major industries including shipping container firms.

SLS Consulting, LLC, a national HR services and training firm headquartered in Santee, SC, has expanded its line of services to include Senior HR Placement.

"For over 12 years, SLS has helped start-ups set up their infrastructure and has helped established companies with projects such as compensation, performance management, and employee and leadership training," stated Sharon L. Sellers, founder and president of SLS. "It naturally follows that we should also help organizations find their in-house HR professionals once the company becomes large enough to support a full-time professional or once the established position is vacated."

Sellers states that she and other consul! tants working for her organization together have over 100 years of HR experience in the Palmetto State as well as ongoing networks with HR professionals across the country. When an organization does not have HR leadership in place, it is often difficult for senior management to know exactly what knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies the right HR candidate should have to help the organization succeed.

"We help our clients from start to finish. First, we can help them understand that HR in the 21st century is so much more than an administrative position. HR today is a business partnership with all of the other organization's functional areas. Through this partnership, the organization can truly reach new heights. HR is forward-looking, not paper-pushing. Then we help them develop the position job description and understand the qualifications needed. Finally, we get to know the company culture so we can help find not only the person with the most closely-matched qualifications, but also one who will fit well into the organization."

Being active members of worldwide HR organizations, such as the Society of Human Resource Management, has a helped SLS consultants create a huge network of HR professionals from which they can find successful candidates. For more information, refer to the company website at