Sustainable Lighting of SC Creates Energy Savings for BAE Systems’ Local Plant

(North Charleston, SC – April 26, 2017): In their largest project to date, Sustainable Lighting of SC’s lighting replacement work at BAE Systems 90,000 square foot office and 200,000 square foot warehouse in Summerville has started to pay off through a substantial savings on the company’s electric bill.

The project was completed between this past December through January of this year. Sustainable Lighting’s COO Austin Fields said he was very happy working for BAE Systems. "We really appreciate working with a client of BAE Systems’ stature and look forward to welcoming more clients like this," noting that the initial projected savings for this client would be over $12k per month under what they used to pay. It only took eight crew members two weeks to install 1,184 new LED fixtures, with recycling and cleanup completed within 20 days.

BAE Systems’ Facility Manager, Rick Evasic, said they are already seeing a big savings. “The electric bill for the warehouse alone has been cut almost in half,” he said. BAE Systems has operations in Summerville and Aiken, South Carolina and is one of the world’s largest defense companies, employing over 80,000 employees in more than 40 countries.

Austin says a customer will typically also see a savings in HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-A/C) system bills because “the heat load produced by an older style lightbulb is greater than that of an LED, and so using an LED would cause the HVAC system to not have to work as hard.”

Leland also noted that, according to Carnegie-Mellon, “studies have shown an increase as high as 23% in productivity with a higher lumen output." He also said the old fluorescent tubes always tend to flicker and that is connected with more migraine headaches and more sick days in general

The building’s owner, Quattlebaum Development Corporation and BAE Systems’ Evasic are pleased with the upgrade to the facility. Evasic said working with Sustainable Lighting was a good experience. “They were very professional and quite safety conscious.”

Both Austin and Leland said their lighting company offers much to their clients. Leland said, “We are affiliated with a finance company and can help finance a project for up to $5 million for a private sector client and up to $25 million for a municipality or governmental entity. There are also rebate incentive programs such as through SCE&G and other utility providers for upgrading based on wattage reduction, Leland said.

Austin said their success formula is in building relationships with their clients and the manufacturers and are able to provide better pricing than many of their competitors. “We put ourselves into the shoes of our client to try to make sure it's something we'd purchase before we sell it. Whether it's a retrofit or new fixtures, we try to keep the cost per square foot as low as possible for the specific project,” Austin explained.

About Sustainable Lighting of SC: The North Charleston lighting company began in March of 2015 and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (a VA designation) company as its owner, Leland “Woody” Fields, was with the Air Force for 24 years. They have serviced nearly 70 clients from mostly commercial and industrial lighting and installation projects for mid-to-large sized U.S. companies. FMI, see: