An Updated Take on Networking: CEO Mindset Charleston, A Networking and Collaboration Group Launches January 23rd

CHARLESTON, SC (January 15, 2019) – Stacy Oldfield of Minerva Management Partners, LLC, Jennifer Robinson of Peaceful Living Wellness, and Heather McKeon of Holy City Business Collaborative, have announced the launch of a new networking group – CEO Mindset Charleston.

“My friends and colleagues were talking a few months back about how we are challenged with the timing of local networking groups here in Charleston. Because many of them meet early in the morning or in the evenings, it’s hard for those of us with children to make it to those meetings. And while we appreciate the business education opportunities provided by many of the groups, we were searching for a group that is more focused on helping others to grow their businesses. Because we have an entrepreneurial mindset, we decided to create our own group!” says Jennifer Robinson, creator of the Peaceful Living Wellness brand. Stacy Oldfield, the founder of Minerva Management Partners adds, “We really wanted to create an environment that attracts no-nonsense business people who are committed to supporting each other through referrals and collaboration.” “The monthly meetings are going provide opportunities for local businesses to really learn and understand, not only the products and services that others provide, but also who they best serve so that we can brainstorm on how to help one another,” says Heather McKeon, founder of Holy City Business Collaborative.

• We are open to all businesses who hold the values of our group. We do not exclude based on type-of-business, nor do we limit to one business of each type.
• We adhere to values instead of rules.
• We understand that business owners are also members of families, organizations and churches, and, that they need to sometimes do business instead of attending the group. Therefore, we do not have mandatory attendance requirements, although regular attendance is encouraged.
• While we appreciate referrals to our group, we do not have a formal application process, nor do we require references.
• We encourage authentic referrals in order to assure a quality networking experience.

• To embrace a spirit of collaboration, not competition.
• To support member / attendee businesses by referring to those businesses.
• To prioritize learning about fellow members over trying to sell to those members.
• To prioritize attendance as important to support the group.
• To have fun and enjoy the meetings!

The first meeting for CEO Mindset Charleston is January 23rd at 1:00 PM at The Schoolhouse. Please visit for more information and to RSVP.

About Minerva Management Partners, LLC: Established in October 2014, Minerva Management Partners, LLC is a business coaching practice focused on guiding and supporting women in designing the businesses and careers of their dreams through the combination of life coaching techniques and sound business best practices. With an experienced founder and president in Stacy Oldfield, Minerva Management Partners, LLC offers business operations acumen with a feminine feel to encourage women entrepreneurs to step into their role as CEO of their company – regardless of the size of their business. If you would like more information on Minerva Management Partners, LLC or Stacy Oldfield, please visit

About Peaceful Living Wellness: Peaceful Living Wellness is a wellness brand dedicated to providing a wide-variety of high-quality wellness information via the online magazine “” It is also the parent company of the life and wellness coaching program Empowered Through Peace. Jennifer “Jen” Robinson is the founder and creative force behind both Peaceful Living Wellness and Empowered Through Peace. She is passionate about bringing peace, balance, joy and empowerment to people through both platforms. To learn more about Peaceful Living Wellness, please visit

About Holy City Collaborative: Holy City Collaborative is a co-ed group for all types of entrepreneurs. Founded by Heather McKeon, it was created to be a single place to get helpful tips, suggestions, as well as learn about other business groups meetings, events, and co-working spaces, etc. in the community. If you would like to more information on Holy City Collaborative, please visit
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