Case Status Announces the Appointment of Charles Lee as Chief Customer Officer

North Charleston SC - Case Status, Inc. the leading client service platform for law firms, announced that Charles Lee has been appointed Chief Customer Officer. Charles succeeds Chuck Alsdurf, who had served as Case Status’ CCO & Chief Financial Officer since 2018. Alsdurf will pivot his total focus to his CFO responsibilities.

As Case Status new CCO, Charles Lee will lead and scale the company’s business operations and customer facing teams, including, implementation, customer success, training and support. He will report directly to Case Status’ CEO and Co-Founder, Andy Seavers.

“Charlie brings decades of experience in enterprise software, serving customers, scaling businesses, and fostering environments for employees to grow and thrive,” said Seavers. “His passion for customers came out even in his first outreach about the role. He stood out because of this line, ‘I understand implicitly that a CX-centric obsession is at the core of this [role].’ Being obsessed with the success of our customers is what this is all about! It's exactly what we are helping our customers do for their clients. I'm proud to have Charles join our Executive Team to help pave the way in this continued growth season at Case Status.“

Charles is excited to join “Case Status really shines in an industry that historically underperforms when it comes to client satisfaction. With their unique product offering and compelling value proposition, Case Status is well positioned to maintain its market-leading role as the best software for law firms looking to improve and optimize their client engagement and communications management,” said Lee. “I believe a stronger focus on customer success will only improve and strengthen Case Status’s leading position.”

Charles joins the Case Status leadership team with over 20 years of experience across content, digital/technology and SaaS. He was most recently the CEO of Envoque, a digital consultancy that helps companies build and improve their employee engagement. Prior to joining Envoque in 2022, Charles was the Senior Executive VP and Head of North America at Tivian, a global leader in employee and customer engagement solutions, where he led the growth and expansion of the business in the region. Charles was also the Senior VP Solutions, Customer Success and Studios at GuideSpark, an enterprise communications software and platform. He also has a strong background in digital marketing and content operations, having served as the Chief Digital Officer at Mod Op, and the COO and Managing Partner at Creative Asylum.

About Case Status
At Case Status, our mission is to provide a comprehensive Client Experience platform that not only keeps your clients informed and engaged but also seamlessly integrates with your firm's operations. We understand that effective communication and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of a successful legal practice, and that's why we've developed a cutting-edge solution that sets new standards.

Central to our approach is the Case Status mobile app, a highly rated and intuitive tool designed to simplify communication between your firm and your clients. With its user-friendly interface, clients can stay updated on case developments, key milestones, and important documents. Our app caters to their preferences, allowing them to engage with your firm in a way that suits them best.

What truly sets Case Status apart is its seamless integration with your existing case management software. By leveraging automation and technology, our platform optimizes your communication processes, freeing up your valuable time for more strategic tasks.

The platform enables you to closely monitor client sentiment and engagement, allowing you to address concerns promptly and amplify positive experiences. This proactive approach not only nurtures client relationships but also paves the way for glowing reviews and referrals, propelling your firm's growth trajectory.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is tailored to cater to all the client satisfaction needs of your firm. Whether you're a small practice or a large corporate firm, Case Status empowers you to achieve your goals and elevate your client experience to unprecedented heights. We believe that every client interaction is an opportunity to showcase your firm's commitment to excellence, and Case Status provides you with the tools to do just that.

Choose Case Status to transform how you connect with your clients, streamline your operations, and drive your firm's success. Together, we'll shape the future of legal client experiences.

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