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Charleston Citywide LDC Elects Directors, Officers

The Charleston Citywide Local Development Corporation (LDC) recently met and elected Directors and Officers for 2017. The Directors are: John S. Bennett                                     Benjamin R. Lanier, Jr. Kenneth R. Davenport                           Grant M. McAnulty Yvonne D. Evans                                  Bryan McNeal, Jr. Chris Fisher                                          Otha H. Meadows Carol S. Hubbard                                  Clay Middleton Richard T. Jerue                                   Casdell E. Singleton Linda…
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Berkeley Chamber Board Endorses Statewide Gas Tax

Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorses a state-wide gas tax to repair and maintain South Carolina deteriorating roads. The Board supports increasing the gas tax to provide a sustainable and recurring funding source that will enable the Department of Transportation to work on the more than 85% of our state roads that are…
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How To Win Grants To Develop Your Product

Small Business Innovation Research awards of over $1 million each enable small businesses to conduct scientific research that has the potential for commercialization. Over $2.8 billion in awards are made each year from 11 federal agencies. Learn how to apply. DATE: May 5, 2017 TIME: 1:00 – 3:00 PM PLACE: Trident United Way / Post…
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