Charleston Water System Approves 2019 Budget and 2019-2021 Rate Schedules

Customers in city of Charleston to see annual $0.08 per day total increase for water and sewer service.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – Charleston Water System’s (CWS) Board of Commissioners approved the utility’s fiscal year budget for 2019 and rate schedules through 2021 at its regular monthly meeting November 15. The rate schedules include an average annual water rate increase of 3 percent and an average annual retail sewer rate increase of 2.75 percent. The average CWS customer in the city of Charleston who uses 700 cubic feet (CCF) of water (approximately 5,236 gallons) per month will see an $0.08 per day annual total increase for water and sewer service for each of the next three years. That equates to monthly increases of $2.38 in 2019, $2.47 in 2020, and $2.43 in 2021. The following revenues are projected through 2021: 2019 ($148,311,400), 2020 ($152,620,800), 2021 ($157,085,900).

The rate increases are averages because the exact percentage increase paid by each customer depends on how much water is used, where customers live, and the meter size serving the home or business. Revenue generated by the rate increases will fund needed capital improvements, replacement of aging infrastructure, and continued operation and maintenance of the water and sewer systems.

“We work diligently to provide high quality services at the lowest possible cost,” said CEO Kin Hill. “Our staff and board are very conservative about our rates and we only raise them when absolutely necessary. We’re proud of our ability to find efficiencies that keep rate increases to the minimum required to maintain our infrastructure, provide fire protection, meet all regulatory requirements, and accommodate system growth and demand.”

About Charleston Water System

Charleston Water System is a public water and wastewater utility that provides water service to more than 450,000 people in the greater Charleston area and sewer service to 180,000 people. Learn more at

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