CHARLESTON, S.C. – Clarity Nutraceuticals, a Charleston-based health supplement manufacturing company formerly operating as CBD Carolinas, has launched a flagship line of ultra-pure hemp-based CBD capsule products formulated and produced locally by a team of biochemists. Offering quality assurance to consumers in an emerging and unregulated market, the Clarity team seeks to provide high quality plant-based health supplements produced with sustainable and innovative business practices.

In response to marketplace concerns about trace levels of THC in many hemp products, the substance found in Cannabis plants that creates a hallucinogenic effect, Clarity Nutraceuticals employs the use of Cannabidiol isolate, which is 100 percent THC-free. This new type of CBD could help lift the ban by some organizations, such as national sports associations and the armed forces, to allow their members to consume CBD products.

“Many consumers who would benefit from taking hemp-based or CBD supplements are precluded, due to the trace presence of THC and the possibility of triggering a positive drug test,” said Louis Miles, president of Clarity. A Clemson alumnus with an academic biotechnology background, Miles is focused on bringing the wellness benefits of plant-based medicine to the marketplace. He has partnered with a College of Charleston and Medical University of South Carolina alumnus, Steven Holshouser, Ph.D., who draws on experience gained from his doctoral program in drug discovery and biomedical sciences to assist with optimization of product formulations.

Clarity’s products are vegan, gluten-free, contain organic hemp-derived CBD and are sustainably focused with recyclable and minimal packaging. For reassurance to its mission, all Clarity products are batch tested for safety and compliance through ISO/IEC 17025 certified third-party analytic laboratories and available for public access.

The company’s new website features its flagship capsule products for sale, offering solutions to consumers’ varying needs at different times of the day:

· Pure - Calming Relief: Bio-optimized Cannabidiol in regular strength (25mg) or extra strength (50mg), available in 30-count and 60-count bottles.

· Zen - Blissful Serenity: A synergistic relaxation blend of bio-optimized Cannabidiol (12.5mg) and L-Theanine (200mg), available in 60-count bottles.

· Flow - Balanced Invigoration: A synergistic energizing blend of bio-optimized Cannabidiol (12.5mg) and Caffeine (100mg), available in 60-count bottles.

The Clarity team of three biochemists has engineered a unique formulation process that eliminates the need for oils to suspend the chemicals. “As a science-based company, we vowed to push into new techniques from the beginning,” said Miles. “Our objective is to deliver the highest quality, most efficacious supplements as possible. We will enhance the natural healing properties of the hemp plant products by applying scientific techniques to improve their bio-availability.” Not only does Clarity offer hemp CBD products with increased effectiveness compared to the competition, its advanced processes permit production of up to 2000 capsules per minute.

While Clarity’s initial product line focuses on hemp-derived CBD supplements, the company plans to offer a wide variety of natural health products. Clarity’s initial white label and water-soluble CBD supply contracts have delivered high-grade cannabidiol supplements to retailers in the Southeast who were in search of a production team with extensive scientific experience and operations implemented with a dedication to good manufacturing practices and adherence to quality management systems.


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