Crypto Equities to Enter the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Security Token Evolution

Charleston, SC – Today, StormWorks Capital announces the launch of Crypto Equities, Inc., a merchant bank that will focus on the democratization and evolution of finance using smart contracts and blockchain technology to develop security token offerings also known as digital securities. Crypto Equities aims to reshape traditional finance and address concerns with current utility token architecture by designing new asset-backed cryptocurrencies with integrated compliance to further a regulatory friendly environment. These new digital securities allow for fractional ownership, increased liquidity in alternative assets and a breakup of capital controls in a 24/7 global trading marketplace.

StormWorks Capital recognized a market niche through the tokenization of Mineral Investors Fund and became an early adopter of asset-based token architecture with the launch of MineralCoin. Senior Executive Director Garrett Krause states “As the digital securities market continues its explosive growth and investor adoption, the weaker utility token architecture, which offers little investor benefits and no intrinsic value, will be pushed out and a global explosion of asset backed tokens will emerge.”

As MineralCoin positions itself for a Security Token Offering (STO) compliant with current securities regulations, Crypto Equities will capitalize on the market transformation with the development of unique sector specific security tokens with a common premise that all tokens are backed by assets with real intrinsic value that drives stable growth-oriented market value. For example, MineralCoin is backed by an international portfolio of high-value mineral concessions and opportunities delivering measurable value and growth to each token.

As we continue development of our executive and advisory team, Crypto Equities will operate as a full-service merchant banking firm focused on unifying traditional project underwriting and financing techniques with blockchain technology. The goal is to set a new standard for the tokenization of alternative global assets such as equity, debt, real estate, commodities and minerals, venture capital and private equity generating short and long-term investor returns with mitigated risk through asset security, liquidity, trust, and compliance.

Crypto Equities will open its U.S. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL with satellite offices located in Charleston, SC and New York City, NY.

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About StormWorks Capital
StormWorks Capital is an investment company with a focus on global project development, fund management and syndication that is supported by family office investors. StormWorks Capital was a driving force behind the initial acquisition of a valuable bauxite mining concession in Guinea, West Africa through Mineral Investors Fund and its tokenization through the launch of MineralCoin.
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