Heatworks Continues Award-Winning Year with YPO Innovator Finalist Announcement

Heatworks, the US-based company that has developed the most scientifically advanced method for heating water in the world, is excited to be named as one of eight finalist innovators for the 2018 YPO Global Innovation awards. The company will attend the award ceremony during the World Technology Summit on Wednesday, May 9th in New York City, to celebrate its achievements with its patented Ohmic Array Technology and learn of YPO’s top innovator.

“Every day, billions of people heat water using electricity; each one is wasting energy, water, and time,” said Heatworks Founder and CEO, Jerry Callahan. “For the last 100 years, this process has involved heat transfer through metallic heating elements – an inefficient, inferior, and wasteful solution. With our Ohmic Array Technology, graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls are used to excite the naturally occurring minerals in water, directly and efficiently heating the water. And because nothing gets hotter than the water itself, zero scaling and corrosion occurs.”

Using this first truly disruptive technology in liquid heating in over 100 years, Heatworks is not only developing its own revolutionary products like the MODEL 3 Water Heater, but it is also in the process of signing commercial partnerships that will get Ohmic Array inside everything from coffee makers and kitchen appliances to milk pasteurizers and desalination plants. In these applications, consumers will experience unsurpassed levels of purity, precision, and performance.

The MODEL 3 will be the world’s most advanced tankless electric water heater. Not only will it provide endless hot water on demand, but because it uses Ohmic Array Technology to heat the water, it is 99% energy efficient and can reduce energy costs by about 40%. For an average American family, that equals $112 each year. Heatworks’ groundbreaking app can be used to monitor things like the amount of hot water and energy use each day, and more.

The MODEL 3 is available now for preorder and will begin shipping to customers in May 2018. To learn more about the MODEL 3 and other Heatworks products, visit: MyHeatworks.com