Hobcaw Barony Continues to Grow the Minds of South Carolina Youth Expanding Education Department

Georgetown, S.C., June 10, 2019 — From lessons on how to throw a cast net to learning about coastal ecology, Hobcaw Barony has been at the forefront of youth education experiences since the 1980’s. And, for the first time in over a decade, Hobcaw Barony has expanded its education department with the addition of Sara Beth Freytag, coordinator of children and youth education.

Field studies at Hobcaw Barony are a valuable learning tool offered to grades K-12. The field sites are unique to any other educational programs along the Grand Stand or Georgetown County, giving students the opportunity to receive high quality-hands on learning experiences outside the classroom and in nature.

“Sara Beth has an impressive background of both education and naturalists teaching, which is a perfect pair to bring to Hobcaw,” stated George Chastain, executive director of Hobcaw Barony. “Her excitement about our work here and ideas on how to expand and improve our youth programming will be a major game changer for what we are able to offer the youth throughout our state.”

Freytag’s responsibilities will lead the direction for the grade-school age education programs. Hobcaw Barony designs grade-targeted classes and programs for the forest, salt marsh and social studies field trips. Teachers have the ability to view the state standards that are applicable to each field trip, as well as view vocabulary lists, worksheets and details of the interested field trip.

For more information about Hobcaw Barony, visit the property’s website. To view the selection of activities, tours, lectures and seminars or to reserve your spot for any of these amazing programs, visit the website’s Seasonal Programs page.

About Hobcaw Barony
The Belle W. Baruch Foundation is a private nonprofit foundation created through the vision of Belle Wilcox Baruch and established as a trust at her death in 1964. Today, the Belle W. Baruch Foundation is the sole owner of Hobcaw Barony, the privately owned research reserve located on the coast near Georgetown, South Carolina. The foundation’s primary mission is to conserve Hobcaw Barony’s unique natural and cultural resources for research and education.

Hobcaw Barony’s 16,000 acres encompass a rich diversity of every common ecosystem found on the South Carolina coast, making it an unparalleled site for research in the environmental sciences. In addition, over 70 cultural sites on the former plantation grounds, including cemeteries, slave cabins and the Baruchs’ homes, all provide a time capsule for educators.

Currently, as many as 12 trustees serve on the foundation’s board and are responsible for all ownership decisions. The State of South Carolina Attorney General’s Office and the Probate Court of Richland County, South Carolina, provide oversight for the trust. Additionally, the South Carolina Secretary of State has oversight responsibility for charitable activities of the foundation in South Carolina. The foundation is recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, as well as an exempt operating foundation. Contributions to the foundation are tax exempt to the extent allowed by current tax law.