Jake Eavenson, PE, SE, Joins Cranston Engineering Group

Jake Eavenson, PE, SE, has joined the Cranston Engineering Group, P.C., as Hilton Head Office and Structural Design Group Manager

Responsibilities: Eavenson is responsible for the management and operations of the office in Bluffton, South Carolina, as well as leading the Structural Design Group for this office. He remains active in the structural design of buildings and works closely with clients to provide expertise on the coastal effects of a high wind zone and flood loading.

Eavenson has been with Cranston Engineering for 5 years and has experience in nearly every type of building structure, including recreation and athletic facilities, municipal buildings and structures, churches, educational facilities, office buildings, hospitals and other medical buildings, historic structures, and marine structures. Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.