Mason Prep School Hosts “World Cup” to Foster Love of Language

South Carolina

The FIFA World Cup, which takes place every four years, will take place in Russia this summer. To capitalize on the excitement surrounding this event, Mason Prep hosted its own “World Cup” on May 4.

Madame Julia Royall, who teaches French, and Señora Gloria Collazo, who teaches Spanish, headed the event as part of Mason Prep’s foreign language program. Students in grades 5-8 were divided into French and Spanish speaking teams/countries (i.e., Senegal, Uruguay, Tunisia, Argentina, etc.) and played soccer in a tournament-style format.

Said Señora Collazo, “We were thrilled to have players from the Charleston Battery join us to help coach our students. We also had a great deal of support from our parents - this was truly a school-wide and community effort.”

The educational goals of the event were twofold. Students used their target language (French or Spanish) leading up to and during the event. Leading up to the event, students learned about countries that are playing in the World Cup and practiced their French and Spanish by speaking about sports. During the event, students cheered on their teammates in the appropriate language. Students also shared information with their peers. After researching World Cup players, students wrote paragraphs about the players and presented player profiles to their classmates in their target language.

Said Madame Royall, “This is not only a truly unique and inventive way of fostering a love of language in our students, but also a way to broaden their horizons. Part of Mason Prep's mission is to produce citizens of a global community. Teaching students about different countries and cultures by tying these lessons to sport (something that truly interests students) makes them more memorable.”

Mason Preparatory School is an independent school for grades K-8 located in downtown Charleston, SC. Mason Prep is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education, to the development of the child into a productive citizen, and to the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility.