Maven Realty, Charleston’s Only Investment-Focused Brokerage Launches Podcast Series

Maven Realty, Charleston’s Only Investment-Focused Brokerage Launches Podcast Series

Featuring Expert Interview Guests to Educate Realtors, Investors & Homeowners About the Local Real Estate Market

CHARLESTON, SC – Maven Realty, Charleston’s only investment-focused brokerage, has launched a new podcast series to educate and engage with local investors, realtors and homeowners. As Charleston continues to experience exponential year-over-year growth, the Charleston Area Real Estate Investors Podcast seeks to drill deeper into market trends, when and how to get involved and different types of investment opportunities.

Co-hosted by Troy Gandee, Broker In Charge and Dan Rivers, the Eco-Friendly Realtor, each podcast episode educates listeners on various real estate-focused topics through casual interview-style dialogues with local experts in that field. In addition to covering a different theme within each episode, Rivers and Gandee will begin each discussion with the current listings they have available and end with fun activities going on around town. A quick eco-tip will also close out each episode.

“As Charleston continues to grow as a sought-after destination – both for visitors and those looking to re-locate – it’s impossible to overlook the implications the growth is having on the real estate market. Investors from all over the country are beginning to take notice of our charming and quaint city, and the potential that lies within. Our goal is to not only help them make the right deals, but to also help this city scale, in the right way,” said Gandee.

“We look forward to connecting with local experts and hope our podcast serves as an insightful and fun resource for those looking to learn more about the market,” said Rivers.

In addition to episodes that have already been released on Wholesaling (featuring Russ Scheider, Wholesaler and Realtor) and Flipping (featuring Rubi Tinoco of Megafox Properties), listeners can expect upcoming episodes to cover a variety of topics including:

• Opportunity Zones: What are they and why are they important? We’ll discuss partnering with fund managers and what opportunity zones mean for the city of Charleston
• Syndications 101: Everything you need to know about syndication deals including how they work, what to expect in terms of fees and payment structures, the role of accredited vs sophisticated investors and how to spot the right deals
• Marketing Strategies for Sellers: With the ever-changing and evolving digital landscape, we’ll discuss the best avenues for online marketing, the role of social media, importance of pre-marketing and strongest tactics for strategic targeting
• Analyzing Multi-Family Deals: Speak the lingo of multi-family investors and flippers while learning about the process, common mistakes people make and the value in having an investment-focused realtor
• STRs & Local Laws: What is an STR property and what are the different laws across Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties? We’ll cover what to look for, the importance of management companies, advertising strategies and knowing the risks
• Buying New Construction: While buying a new home is often marketed as a seamless, turn-key process, it’s important to still protect yourself. We’ll discuss some of the most common – and often overlooked – issues that arise in new builds and the safeguards to put in place to ensure you’re not left coughing up unexpected dollars
• Land Deals: A piece of land may seem like a great deal on paper, but there’s a lot to keep in mind to ensure the land fits your needs. Topics that will be covered include types of loans to use, wetlands, tree and topography surveys, zoning requirements, flood zones and much more

Listeners are encouraged to reach out to Gandee and Rivers through Facebook on the Charleston Area Real Estate Investors Podcast page to ask questions or make suggestions for upcoming topics. To be added to the email distribution list to receive podcast updates, please email Troy ( or Dan (

Podcast episodes can be accessed via iTunes, Google Play, the Maven Realty website and Facebook page, and the Eco-Friendly Realtor site.

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