mPower6 – Impactful Fundraising For Teams and Classrooms And A Better Solution For Today’s Youth

mPower6 is a new fundraising app designed to generate funds fast and easy for schools, sports teams, and classrooms of all ages. The Charleston based company is owned by former college baseball coach David Beckley (The Citadel).

The web-based app will utilize text and email to reach out to potential donors. Walking door to door selling unwanted items to strangers has been made obsolete by the convenience of apps like mPower6.

Fundraising campaigns depend on the generosity of family, friends, and the general public to be successful. The market has been flooded recently with fundraising companies that are all similar. The public has to be tired of all of the constant requests for handouts. mPower6 has a different model.

mPower6 will aim to make each fund raising campaign meaningful and impactful. How do they do that? Well, they partner each fundraiser with a charity. Each campaign still centers around generating funds for their customer’s needs, but also around community service and/or charitable donations as a way to give back to the community. A small gesture to say thank you to the community for their continued support and generosity!

During each fundraising campaign, the team requesting for donations will either perform an act of community service as their model of giving back, or present a monetary gift to a charity of their choice. Through these donations, their hope is that the selected charitable organization can use it to spread their brand or perform more research to continue their fight.

mPower6 feels this is a much better way to ethically raise funds. Helping young people grow and teaching the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. Letting donors and the community know that they are appreciated, and that lessons are being taught and learned. mP6 has a clear vision that goes well beyond just raising money for their clients. Each campaign will be a chance for our youth to spread hope and kindness throughout our communities. Giving straight back to the people who have supported them - it’s a win for everyone.

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mPower6 new fundraising app
Raising significant funds, fast and easy through text and email
Less expensive
Better model for schools, teams, and youth
Giving back to the community
Great team building opportunities
Partner with charity
Donors can feel good about giving knowing that our youth are giving back
Students learning valuable life lessons - not instant gratification
Empowering communities and charities