New Mobile App for the North Charleston Coliseum

Stingray Branding is happy to announce a new mobile app for the North Charleston Coliseum. The NCCPAC App is the official app for the North Charleston Coliseum, Convention Center, and Performing Arts Center. The new app allows users to access and manage their Account Manager tickets, plan their visits, view upcoming events, and more.

About the NCCPAC App

The new mobile app allows users to navigate upcoming events, plan their visit, signup for the NCCPAC newsletter, get ticket information, and more. SC Stingrays Hockey, POPS!, Broadway, and other upcoming events are featured on the app. Users can get easy access to upcoming hockey games, Off-Broadway shows coming to Charleston, upcoming POPS! shows, and other shows and concerts coming to Charleston.

The Stingray Branding Process

When we’re allowed to build a new app on a new project we start with an onboarding meeting. This initial meeting is meant to get a good idea of what the client is looking for. When stating the NCCPAC App, the process was no different. We started with the initial meeting, Our Creative Director, Kym Swanger, met with the Assistant Ticket Office Manager at the North Charleston Coliseum, Convention & Performing Arts Center. During this meeting, Kym got an idea of what NCCPAC was looking for in the new app. They wanted a mobile version of their current website, Ticketmaster integration, NCCPAC ticket management, and upcoming events for the Coliseum, Convection, and Performing Arts Center.

Building the App Prototype

The next step in the Stingray Branding process is to start building out the prototype. The prototype is a draft of a new app that gives the client an idea of the design and structure of what the app will look like. Once the prototype was built, we held a meeting with NCCPAC for review. This part of the process allowed NCCPAC to give feedback and tell us what they liked and didn’t like.

Mobile App Development

Once the client reviews and approves the prototype the app can be built. The coding process in app development is a long process that takes several hours of work. Once the app was built and showcased what NCCPAC imagined, we held a review meeting. During the meeting, the NCCPAC team was eager and excited for the app to go live. Once the NCCPAC was approved, Kym got it ready to be submitted to the Google and Apple stores.

Check Out Their New App:

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

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