Park West Veterinary expands hours, offering urgent pet care

Mount Pleasant veterinary hospital

Mount Pleasant veterinary hospital expands hours to offer evening appointments

When your pet needs immediate care, they want to be available to help. That is why Park West Veterinary Associates is now offering extended hours and urgent care at their new Mount Pleasant hospital. You’ll find their team ready and waiting to care for your pets from 8am - 8pm, Monday - Friday, and 8am - 5pm on Saturdays!

What does urgent care for pets mean?

Similar to urgent care for humans, Park West Vet is bridging the gap between wellness visits and emergency care. Whether they are your primary care veterinarian or not, if you are concerned about your pet, the last thing you want to do is wait. Give them a call and we will have them seen the same day.

What’s the difference between urgent care and emergency care?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether an injury or illness requires immediate medical attention. Emergency cases typically include life-threatening conditions or injuries that require immediate hospitalization and extensive treatment.

Alternatively, urgent care consists of non life-threatening cases that are causing your pet discomfort and need to be addressed quickly. This could be anything from vomiting, diarrhea, skin and ear infections, trauma, seizures, heat stroke, or shortness of breath.

Remember, you know your pet better than anyone else. If you notice any changes in their behavior or sense that something is not quite right, you may be detecting the first signs of a health issue. If you aren’t sure if your pet should be seen, call Park West Veterinary Associates and they will gladly help you make the best decision for your pet. 843-971-7774