Pusser’s Rum Black Tot Day Giveaway

Pusser's Rum Black Tot Day Giveaway

Pusser's Rum, Ltd. is giving away five bottles of Black Tot Rum in honor of Black Tot Day. The rum has sold out everywhere, as Pusser's only produced 5,000 bottles. Learn more at pussersrum.com.


Charleston, SC, July 16, 2020- Pusser's Rum is giving away five bottles of Black Tot Rum.

"We're giving away five bottles of our Black Tot Anniversary Rum to five random winners," declares Dean Cowart, Marketing Director for Pusser's Rum. "Only 5,000 bottles of Black Tot Rum were produced. They've since sold out and can't be found in stores or online."

In honor of Black Tot Day, Pusser's Rum, Ltd. is giving you a chance to win a bottle of Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Rum, a special combination of aged Trinidad and Guyana rums from contributing stills which were supplying the Royal Navy 50 years ago. To take part in the giveaway and your chance to win a precious bottle, simply scroll to the bottom of the Black Tot Day page to enter. Winners will be announced on August 1, 2020.

So, what is Black Tot Day and why is it celebrated? From the inception of Great Britain’s Royal Navy, shipboard life was difficult and harsh on the seafarers. Starting in the mid-17th century, to ease some of this hardship, the Admiralty began issuing daily rations of beer, wine and brandy to its sailors, but evolved quickly to rum due to its longer holding capacity when carried aboard ship. By 1731, its Board issued written regulations making rum the official spirit. This daily allotment was known as the ‘tot’, and its issue and the ritual that went with it was one of the longest running traditions in maritime history. The rum issued was a unique rum call Navy or Admiralty Rum, or sometimes PUSSER’S, a corruption of the word purser, after the officer in charge of the daily issue.

On July 31, 1970, the daily distribution of Pusser's Rum ended, a decision made by the Admiralty Board after much public debate. It became clear that the use of more modern weapons in the Navy was no place for the potential of Her Majesty’s sailors having anything other than very sharp minds! July 31st has since then been deemed "Black Tot Day".

In 1979, Pusser’s founder, Charles Tobias, negotiated with the Admiralty for the rights to the proprietary blending recipe in return for a substantial financial commitment to the Royal Navy’s Sailor’s Fund and for its long term sponsorship of various events now handled by the Royal Navy, Royal Marines Charitable Trust. Pusser’s Rum today in blended in exact accordance with specifications provided by the Admiralty and includes significant amounts of distillate from vintage wooden pot or “vat” stills that have been in operation in Guyana since 1732. The distillation of rum in wood imparts a distinctively smooth and complex flavour different from any other dark or golden rums that are distilled in metal. “Continuous use of these wooden pot-stills has their wooden staves impregnated with hundreds of years of esters and congeners, the organic compounds that import flavours to spirited beverages,” says Gary Rogalski, President & CEO of Pusser’s Rum. "Distilling in wood is unique and cannot be duplicated by other types of distillation."

Learn more about the giveaway and the history of Pusser's Rum in more detail at pussersrum.com.

About Pusser's Rum: Pusser’s Rum, Ltd. bottles, blends and distributes the original Royal Navy rum -- one of the most historic and traditional rums still available today. The rich flavor of Pusser’s Rum is all natural -- no artificial flavoring or coloring is added.

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