RockBox Fitness Opens in Mt. Pleasant

Located in the Six Mile Marketplace at 1168 Basketweave Drive, RockBox Fitness combines boxing, kickboxing and functional training into high energy group workouts.

We’re much more than just boxing. We’re more than just a gym. We’re a reach-your-goals, live-life-out-loud, feel-good fitness community, and could not be more excited to bringing our attitude and lifestyle to Mount Pleasant.

Our one-hour workouts are designed to create fast and lasting results that produce confidence and energy. Whether you are at RockBox, at work, or out with family and friends - once you become a member, you'll see that RockBox becomes an attitude and a lifestyle.

Our studios were built to avoid the number one problem with any fitness program. Boredom.
It's bad for your mind and it's bad for your body. We've purposefully implemented the perfect variety of equipment to allow us to create a full-body, goal-smashing, life-changing workout. But, what's better is that we can infinitely change the workout to keep it fresh, keep your interest and your body changing for the better.

Boxers are some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world, and they consistently get to that level by dedicating themselves to a workout program, which combines both cardiovascular and strength training. RockBox has taken the same approach and put it in a clean, friendly and welcoming environment suitable for everyone at any level.