Stryke Fitness Celebrates One Year Of Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle And Sharing Anti-Bullying Message

North Charleston, SC — The one of a kind fitness program, Stryke, celebrates its one-year anniversary by offering a free event including fitness classes, vendors, food, auction items, and prizes. Stryke Fitness was created by husband and wife team Chris McNally and Erin Mansour, of Hanahan. McNally, a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and Mansour, a life-long dancer/fitness trainer, merged their passions, created the program, and teach it together in a small studio. The hour long fitness class is combination of MMA, dance, plyometric, and strength movements, which is simple enough for beginners and intense enough to make pro athletes sweat!

The anniversary party is open to the public on Sat. Aug. 26, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Stryke Fitness studio at the Ontranto Plaza 8780B Rivers Ave. Ste. 208, N. Charleston.

“It’s just awesome. We are helping people achieve their fitness goals, and we are also about making it a lifestyle. We want everyone to enjoy and be passionate about what they’re doing,” McNally said.

“Anybody of any sex, age, race, anybody can Stryke. You’re really going on a journey. It’s not just physical, it’s spiritual, it’s mental, it’s emotional. You’re not just going to transform physically, you’re going to transform in every way with us,” Mansour said.

The couple is also passionate about giving people, both young and old, the mental strength to overcome anything, including bullying. They use their platform to spread a message to “Stryke Out Bullying.”

The couple is donating a portion of proceeds from this event to the Avery and Aiyden Martin Fund, to benefit the North Charleston family who last their 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons on August 7, and My Sister’s House, a cause close to the owners’ hearts.

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