The Power Package: Real Estate Agent & Award Winning Interior Designer -Hilary White

When you couple real estate with interior design, great things happen. Award-winning interior designer and real estate agent Hilary White does just that.

Hilary’s passion for residential design started to sprout as a young child while watching her father create custom homes for the people of Charlotte and then joining him at his craft at 11 years old. From there, Hilary went on to earn her degree in Interior Design. Fast forward 10 years and Hilary had built a very successful interior design boutique in New York City, catering to such clientele as professional athletes like Rudy Gay, Zack Randolph, and Darren Collison from the NBA, MLB athletes such as David Cone and Kyle Farnsworth, as well as A-list actors and musicians.

The secret to such success? "My creative process begins by listening to what my clients need functionally and what they desire aesthetically. A well designed home brings peace, comfort, happiness and functionality to its inhabitants. This is and always will be my goal,” says Hilary White. Due to her success in the industry, Hilary expanded her business to include custom furniture which she designed, manufactured, and distributed until 2012.

After moving to Charleston, Hilary made the transition into real estate and joined the Handsome Properties team, brokering deals in high-end properties. White goes on to say, “One of my favorite aspects of interior design is being able to see the potential in a home and dreaming up ways we can renovate it, decorate it and bring it to its fullest potential. When I can relay this to a client, I can see a light bulb go on for them and that's a great feeling. Along with seeing the design potential, real estate allows me to see the equity potential for my client's as well. I get tremendous joy from helping them build a passive income in real estate investing and have made my clients millions in equity just as an interior designer. This takes that concept one step further. It's crucial to take advantage of such a great wealth building opportunity when you can. With all the growth in Charleston, it creates an ideal place to benefit from that fortuity.”

Having a real estate agent with years of experience in interior design and construction is extremely beneficial in considerable ways. A strong understanding of a property’s structure, design, and potential is essential for an interior designer working to build a client’s dream home. Hilary’s background gives her the advantage of finding the right property that can be outfitted and customized in harmony with her client’s objectives. The ability to see through a home’s facade and realizing its true possibilities is a gem of a talent that many homebuyers are coming to appreciate. She is able to walk into a home normally passed by a number of potential buyers and see the skeletal structure, gauge the health, and work from there to create an oasis for the homebuyer. In short, she has the expertise to see through the eye candy photos and completely realize the energy hidden behind a home’s walls.

How? Communication is key. Hilary’s degree in Interior Design allows her to open up avenues and ask questions outside of a realtor’s scope in order to dig deeper into her client’s wishlist, giving her an added edge in knowing just what to look for on the market. In fact, past clients still reach out to her regularly to gain her insight or just to calm frayed nerves on renovating.

“I know how stressful buying a home and renovating can be. An interior design client recently called me and wanted to talk through her construction anxiety. As a mother of three, I'm a nurturer, so I enjoy being able to relieve that stress and reassure her. I simply told her that every single client I've had felt some anxiety during their construction process and have second guessed decisions. However, every one of those clients absolutely loved the final outcome. Turning a house into a home is a very personal experience and it’s impossible to design a home for someone without getting to know them on a very personal level.”

Often times, bench-marking these important features is an overwhelming task for buyers. Hilary can easily take the guesswork out of the process. Armed with this knowledge, Hilary is able to paint the picture of budding opportunity in crafting the final property to exceed a homebuyer’s expectations.

Another reason coupling construction, interior design, and real estate is turnkey relocation. “Often times, unless a home is completely furnished, a client starts fresh or reuses furniture from a previous home that does not necessarily match with the new home’s ambiance. I’m able to build from what they currently own and recreate that into a new style or start afresh with new decor. Sometimes, it’s as simple as updating artwork. Sometimes, it is finding furniture that fits within the family’s lifestyle and needs. I find my passion in creating the perfect atmosphere for my clients and their lifestyles regardless of where they are in the process. Finding the ideal property adds another amazing layer in customization,” says White.

An added bonus? Hilary gives a discount on her interior design services to her clients, truly making this a power package of possibilities.

Handsome Properties, Inc., is a boutique firm specializing in historic downtown and Lowcountry waterfront property, representing luxury Charleston real estate. Built on a firm foundation of knowledge, ethics, and teamwork, Handsome Properties provides clients with expert knowledge of the Charleston community and its history, architecture, and culture.

For further information on Handsome Properties, please contact Deborah C. Fisher, Broker-in-Charge at, or via phone (843) 727 6460.  

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