US Working Parents Happy to Accept the New Normal and Work Remotely

Working from home

Working from home

As the US celebrates National Working Parents Day (September 16th) and with many schools following a hybrid model of in–school and remote learning, a new survey by leading US outsourced communications provider, Moneypenny, shows that US workers seem very accepting of the situation. From the 1,040 survey respondents who have school -age children, a total of 66% understand the decision of schools to return in this way and 43% of these parents don’t feel it will affect their work at all, while 23% are already set up to work from home.

Overall only 5% are unhappy that their company has asked them to return and don’t have childcare in place and there is a slight difference in responses between men and women on this issue: 6% of women said they aren't happy at all, compared to 4% of men.'

Women are more likely than men to say they understand the decision for schools to stay
closed and are already set up to work from home, so can continue working in this way for as long as it takes, (34% of women vs 19% of men).

When it comes to remote working, the survey further discovered that 58% of the U.S. employees surveyed were given no help by their employers when they were required to make the shift to remote working. In addition to not receiving support, close to a quarter of these workers (23%) were expected to buy their own equipment. In Georgia 61% of employees were left to fend for themselves at home with South Carolina close behind at 54%.

The Moneypenny survey also looked into how schools are planning to return in the fall and whether this is likely to have an impact on workers.
- More than ¾ of schools (78%) are not opening as normal
- 36% of schools are planning a hybrid return, with some virtual and some in person lessons
- Over one quarter (29%) are only offering virtual lessons for the foreseeable future
- A total of 12.5% of parents are now actively opting for virtual teaching for their children, which marks a significant increase for homeschool as the preferred education model. Traditionally, homeschooling accounted for the education of only 3.4% of school-age children.

Joanna Swash, CEO of Moneypenny, comments: “It’s great to see that so many working parents understand the difficulties schools face in returning during the Covid era and that they are prepared to work from home while their children are being schooled from home rather than being in school 100% of the time. We have been impressed with how innovative and agile both our own employees and clients have been in adapting to the new normal at work.”

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