Veteran Nursing Maestro Sharon Harper Launches Patient Advocacy Practice To Help South Carolina.

Her Passion Is To Help Everyone Through The Complicated Healthcare System & She Is Inviting Everyone For An Initial 30 Minute Free Session

CHARLESTON, S.C., June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Coastal Patient Advocates, LLC has brought great news for the people of South Carolina by introducing them to the concept of a Patient Advocate (RN). This private company was created by a decorated Veteran of the US Armed Forces, Sharon Harper, and the service is aimed at helping elderly and Baby-Boomers with aging parents. The mission of this newly founded company is to look out for the best interests of the people and to help them navigate through the confusing healthcare system. In addition, Sharon has also announced the initial consultation session will be offered FREE for the first thirty minutes.

"I want to advocate for all seniors and their families." said Sharon Harper, the Founder and Clinical Director of Coastal Patient Advocates, while talking about the services offered by her company." The mission of Coastal Patient Advocates, LLC is to educate, support and empower our clients as they navigate through the confusing healthcare system" she added. According to Sharon, the company will help patients in making the most informed healthcare decisions for themselves and/or their family members to ensure unique needs are considered.

Sharon Harper is also a retired Lieutenant Commander and served in the US Navy Nurse Corps until 2006. A native of the Isle of Palms, Sharon has very strong, family ties in the medical community. In addition, she has a strong healthcare and management background which includes over 30 years of clinical, surgical, legal investigation, elder care and supervisory experience in military and civilian medicine. Her passion is to help others and for Veterans, she has announced a flat 25 percent discount on all services that she provides.

"At the heart of every great advocate is the desire to help and a Patient Advocate (RN) is a professional who provides education, information and tools needed to assist patients in making an educated, informed decision about their health care issues" said Sharon Harper, while talking about the goal of her company. "Our goal is optimization of care. I will also take you to and from your MD appointments where I will be your 'eyes, ears and voice' as needed to make sure you understand everything discussed." she added. "Organization of all medications being taken and cross-referencing to check proper interactions are extremely important and will be addressed during the first visit."

Partnering with Coastal Patient Advocates will enable the patients to have a dedicated RN who is experienced in advocacy and collaborates with a local, regional and national network of other Patient Advocates. Based in Mount Pleasant, the company can provide in person services throughout the region, including the tri-county area (Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties). Furthermore, Sharon also provides consultations and services via phone and video conferencing.

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