World Affairs Council of Charleston Announces Luncheon on the Future of Commercial Aviation March 6th


The Future of Commercial Aviation and Supersonic Flight Luncheon, March 6th at Halls Signature Events, 5 Faber Place, downtown Charleston, 11:30am to 2:00pm.

There is extensive work underway at multiple companies to develop future supersonic business and passenger aircraft. The Concorde supersonic passenger plane, flown by Air France and British Airways, was retired in 2003.
Boom "Overture" Supersonic (Denver, Colorado) aircraft is aiming to start delivery to airlines in the mid 2020s. This aircraft is being designed using advanced technologies to fly at 60,000 feet at a speed of Mach 2.2. Boom is targeting to demonstrate proof of these technologies with one third size scale prototypes later this year.

Other companies are working on new generation aircraft which they believe will overcome the problems previously faced with the Concorde, making use of lighter weight and stronger materials, delivering better fuel efficiency and making efforts to reduce the sonic boom which kept the Concorde from flying over land and populated areas. It is believed these advances will help these new aircraft succeed where the Concorde did not.

A new age of supersonic travel is just one of the many advances in aviation that is expected in the coming years. We are delighted to provide a luncheon program highlighting what the future of aviation will look like. David Hyde, Director of Environmental Policy from the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) based in Arlington, Virginia, will provide an overview of on supersonic travel and other innovations in aviation will change how we travel and experience the world. Additionally, representatives from the aviation industry will join us for a panel discussion on the future of commercial aviation. We are pleased to have Gulfstream Aerospace confirmed as a panel member for the program, and hope to confirm other aerospace manufacturer representatives shortly.

Registration is required, fee is $45. Register at

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